Central Texas
October 17-24, 2019

 The Wyrd Sisters

Sometimes known as the Norns, Urd, Verdandi, Skuld, the Fates, the Moirae, these weavers of the cords of Is, Was, and Shall Be are found in the sacred stories of various world cultures. We seek their Mysteries.


Draw from the Well as we weave;
Nourish and nurture the roots of the Tree.
Enter the Hall and join with the Three
As we gather together to create what Shall Be.

At this intensive in the Texas Hill Country, we step between the worlds to create the sacred space of magical community.

We desire the embodied magic of deconstruction of white supremacy and cultural inequity, activism, scholarship, politics, self-discovery, spellcraft, tool building, local tree and plant magic, new music, strong drumming, storytelling, healing, divination, ritual planning, and intuition. Our visions for this camp include Transformation and Liberation through the magical settings of the World Tree, the Well of Wyrd, the Tingling Roots of the Hall beneath the Tree, and Weaving in Community (fiber arts). We will connect with our Ancestors and deepen our relationships with the Spirits and Ancestors of the Land and the Trees.

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