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Cancelled due to Covid-19, virtual offerigs

The 2020 California Witchcamp


Hello everyone, in regards to Covid 19. It is with great sadness to announce that we, the production and teaching team of California Witchcamp (CAWC), have decided to cancel CAWC 2020 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We recognize the current situation is fluid and dynamic, and therefore difficult to predict, as official guidance is often changing week to week, if not day to day. As a team, our first priority is the continued health and well-being of our camp community, especially our most vulnerable members. We are now accepting registrations for 2021 camp.

Our intention is to continue with the Story of Magdalene and the same paths and teachers, and work with these energies magically for 13 moons to stay connected during these uncertain times, bring gifted Reclaiming teachers directly into our homes, and root deeper into community for the coming year.

    - We will be offering free classes, workshops, and rituals, to registered campers, from our current teaching team, open to 2020 and 2021 registered campers. 

    - Registered campers will also have the opportunity to host “optional offerings” just like we do at camp.

    - We are planning an online ritual offering during the scheduled week of 2020 CAWC, 6/8 - 7/5. 

    - Our Cooks Carin and Nora will be offering a Mary Magdalene baking/cooking ritual, which will be a hoot. 

    - Starhawk has also offered to do a virtual offering for us as well, which will be wonderful.


Woman of Power, Woman of the Tower, Woman of a Book, Woman of Legend and Lore. Her mysteries have been stolen and misappropriated by Empire and Religion, and yet her legacy lives on and She reaches out from Her Rosy Land to the witches, activists and healers… We call You Great One!

Priestess. Pilgrim. Mystic, Keeper of the Mysteries of the Rose, Beloved, Lover, Healer, Activist, Sacred Prostitute, Sex Priestess, Legendary, Unrepentant Whore, Hermit, Refugee, Teacher of Sovereignty, Descendant to Isis, Ishtar, Inanna, Ashtoreth, Witness to the Cycles of Birth, Death, and Regeneration.



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