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Central Alberta
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ABWC is committed to the Reclaiming Principles of Unity and to our own co-created and ever-growing Principles and Values (below). This document works as our guiding tool to always strive to be in right-relation through our intentions and our actions. It is the basis of what forms our “Camp Culture”.

Camp Culture is the culture that we collectively participate in while at camp. When we cast our circle, the container which will hold us for the duration of camp, we say that we are “between the worlds”, and, “what happens between the worlds affects/changes all the worlds”. This is where we practice and build our skills and capacity for doing the necessary world-changing work we are committed to. What does a world look like free from racism, poverty, and capitalism? What does a world look like where each of us is safe and respected as we travel down the street or enter a bathroom? Camp is where we put our values into action and practice the world we want to live in. 

ABWC continues to be a "slow camp." That means that the program schedule includes time for rest, reflection and sleeping in. Lessons and ritual are spaced out in time so as to provide the opportunity to recharge in between sessions. We believe that this allows our participants to participate more fully, and allows for a deeper integration of the practice. 

Our venue is located on Treaty 7 land. Treaty extends across much of Southern Alberta, the traditional land of Stoney/Nakota, Blackfoot, Sarcee, and Ktunaxa/Kutenai. Treaties were made with the intent that land would be shared. As we travel, celebrate, gain nourishment, and live on this land we are treaty members and uphold our responsibility to the land and its original inhabitants

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