Winter Witchcamp

Winter Witchcamp (Western Wisconsin)
February 16-20, 2017

We are telling our story: a World Tree journey with Freya
Pentacle of the Great Turning

"Let us travel the World Tree together Let us visit the realms We travel with Freya now as equals Feeling her trust and that of the witches beside us Where one of us falters, another will lend their loving hand As Freya’s kiss draws us down deep, we are not alone. We dare to embrace our bioregion with love, integrity, and authentic hearts. As Freya’s kiss draws us down deep, we dare to tell our story."

Our Camp Intention: From Freya's Hall, Winter Witchcamp seeks to deepen our connection to the land of the upper Mississippi River. We revere and revel in the beauty and wonder of winter. As a community, we are awakening to our skills as conscious co-creators of the multiverse in order to manifest more loving, beautiful, and joyful worlds, families, clans, and camps.

For more information, see the contact information below. Camp is full, and our waiting list is closed.

Contact Information:

Mailing Address: Winter Witch Camp
P.O. Box 7202
Minneapolis, MN 55407
Telephone: 320-428-0193

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Click to join our community Yahoo!Group



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